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What Makes MarketerBrowser Different?

MarketerBrowser is a professional anti-detect browser that you can use to manage multiple accounts on the same website with separate browsing Chrome environment, which provides amazing functions like the Master Control Program, the built-in Android emulator, and the Analytics.


Set parameters of each fingerprint to help form a separate browsing environment (Canvas, Audio, Font, WebGL, WebRTC, etc.)

Multiple Accounts

Create multiple separate browsers to manage multiple accounts, which makes accounts without association


Auto-login 11 websites, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter WordPress, Quora, LinkedIn, Warrior, Reddit, Tumblr, and Pinterest.

Built-in Android Emulator

With the built-in Android emulator, manage multiple accounts and run tasks on your PC that can only be done on mobile phones as usual. Configure different fingerprints and environments for each mobile phone you create.

The Master Control Program

The Master Control Program is designed to synchronize the master window’s operations to multiple windows and accounts you opened. Control the accounts and windows you open in just one click.

The Analytics

The Analytics feature can help you capture all your accounts’ data of operations (including posts, like posts, comments, shares, and upload video+) on all the platforms and can help you finish the visualizations with a chart to know your accounts and employees better.

Use Cases

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  • Social Media Management

    Streamline social media management by enabling efficient handling of multiple accounts for different clients. Tailoring user agents, time zones, and browsing behaviors per account prevents suspicious activity. Automation tools enhance engagement consistency and time-saving scheduling.

  • E-commerce

    Aid competitor analysis by extracting pricing, availability, and promotional insights incognito. It's valuable for managing distinct seller accounts on platforms like Amazon or eBay, boosting security and separation.

  • Crypto

    Empower crypto enthusiasts to safeguard privacy by managing distinct portfolios with individualized settings. It aids ICO and token sale engagement via separate browsers, minimizing bot detection risks.

  • Betting

    Support arbitrage betting by enabling multi-site account management that evades single-user detection. Separate proxies and user agents reduce the risk of flags from betting platforms due to high-frequency actions.

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Our Features

This easy-to-use and effective browser eliminates the stress and the time you usually waste when you need to get to your accounts using multiple windows and browsers.


Question & Answer

What are browser fingerprints?

Browser fingerprints are unique attributes that identify a web browser or device. These attributes include user agent, IP address, screen resolution, time zone, installed fonts, browser extensions, and more. When combined, they create a distinct fingerprint that can be used to track and identify users or devices across different websites.

Fingerprints matter when handling multiple accounts on one platform. Platforms watch for unusual actions and similar IPs, risking bans. Adjusting fingerprints keeps accounts separate, vital for roles like social media management and e-commerce, maintaining privacy, and avoiding detection.

MarketerBrowser alters browser fingerprints for distinct profiles, ideal for multi-logins. It ensures unique browsing identities, a critical feature for secure account management.



  • Free Version


  • 50 Profiles
  • Standard Fingerprints
  • Support Proxy (Http & Socks)
  • Browser & Account Sorting
  • Save Cookies
  • Real-Time Geolocation
  • Import & Export Accounts
  • Pro Version


  • Additional User:
  • Unlimited Profiles
  • Advanced Fingerprints
  • Auto Login 11 websites
  • Support Proxy (Http & Socks)
  • Browser & Account Sorting
  • Save Cookies
  • Real-Time Geolocation
  • Import & Export Accounts
  • Extention

  • Ultimate Version


  • Additional User:
  • Everything in Pro, Plus
  • Advanced API
  • Master Control Program
  • Profiles in Cloud
  • Support Proxy (Http & Socks)
  • Browser & Account Sorting
  • Save Cookies
  • Real-Time Geolocation
  • Import & Export Accounts
  • Extention
  • Full Version


  • Additional User:
  • Everything in Ultimate, Plus
  • Analytics
  • Android Emulator
  • Support Proxy (Http & Socks)
  • Browser & Account Sorting
  • Save Cookies
  • Real-Time Geolocation
  • Import & Export Accounts
  • Extention


Custom Service: We Create Everything You Want

Add other types of proxies and fingerprints on MarketerBrowser;
Add any other features (like automating to finish tasks with accounts) on MarketerBrowser, we can design all your needs for you.

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